"THE TRUE NATURE OF REALITY" on the Mountain October 19-22

Philosopher and teacher Pierre Grimes has been hailed as "A true Jnana Yogi" and "The only living Platonist on Earth" among many other descriptive superlatives.

The True Nature of Reality

Our very own Pierre Grimes will be returning as a distinguished special guest presenter at the 31st Annual Sacred Path Men's Retreat on the mountain overlooking Malibu and the Pacific Ocean on October 19-22. 

Retreat participants will have the incredibly rare and profoundly unique opportunity to work within intimate group settings with Pierre as he explores the True Nature of Reality using Individual Dreams, Dialectic Conversation and Group Discourse. This is indeed a rare and deeply engaging experience for all who attend.

Pierre will be exploring a revolutionary new area of his life's work, dealing with the original and lost meaning of the concept of “Self" in Plato. PIerre is calling this - The Betrayal of the Self:

1.  The “recovery" from the betrayal of the Self, in all translations of Platonic philosophy, now ends the view of philosophy as being void of any personal and meaningful message for us.  This new “revival” of understanding Self, is capable of turning about our culture to a path that, while ancient, is most necessary and essential to our contemporary life.

2.  The exploration of the Self in Plato’s Parmenides is a journey into the spiritual significance of the logos.  What was once thought of as too obscure and difficult will be shown to be obvious yet profound.  

3.  Plotinus will be presented as a doorway into the personal side of Platonic philosophy, and will be explored in terms of the idea of the Self. 

4.  The quest for personal excellence necessarily leads to the discovery of hidden false views of the Self that block all attempts at securing one’s goals.

5.  The exploration of Philosophical Midwifery and its implications as a new paradigm for understanding human problems.


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A Little in Love With Death:
My Healing Encounter with Pierre Grimes

By Jed Diamond
MCLA News October 29, 2016

I attended the 4-Day Sacred Path Men’s Retreat to recognize and support Dr. Stephen Johnson’s life and work and pay tribute to the men who have made possible these retreats over the last 30 years. I had never heard of Pierre Grimes, knew little about philosophy, and next to nothing about the Greek philosophers. Yet I know when I’m in the presence of a master and took Pierre up on his offer to work through a dream and a daydream I had. I had no idea it would change my life.

Click here to read Jed's personal healing encounter with Pierre Grimes

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Pierre Grimes, Ph.D, is one of a kind. Enlisting in the Army as a teenager in World War II, he volunteered for service as a paratrooper but ended up being sent as a replacement to the 36th Texas Infantry Division. He was sent to Europe and landed on D-Day in Southern France for the Anzio invasion. Pierre quickly was chosen to be a scout and then led troops from Italy, through France and all the way into Germany where he saw the liberation of two concentration camps. He was awarded a Bronze Star with an Oak Leaf Cluster and a Purple Heart in recognition of his bravery in battle and his unit received two Presidential Citations for heroism.

Pierre's leadership and gifts in the area of Transformative Consciousness work are legend. He was a friend of Joseph Campbell who directed the young Pierre, having returned from WWII to "Go west and start working with this brilliant man in San Francisco named Alan Watts.

Pierre listened to Campbell's wise advice and became a right hand co-creator with Alan Watts in his work in the fields of emerging Consciousness Studies on the west coast.


In his famous autobiography, “In My Own Way," Watts wrote that Pierre is, "A true Jnana Yogi” for his brilliant work using Plato and Philosophy as a means for healing. Pierre’s friend, Huston Smith, calls Pierre, “The only living Platonist on Earth.”


Pierre is a deeply engaging speaker and his group work with Dreams is legend. He is playful and a bit of a cartoonist with a white board or chalk board, drawing all that he is discoursing about or the complete scenes from someone’s dreams. 



Pierre is the author of many influential books and publications including

Philosophical Midwifery: A New Paradigm for Understanding Human Problems With Its Validation






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