Director's Message - May, 2016

Greetings Sacred Path Community,

29th Annual Spring Retreat, "A Gathering of Men."  Click here to register.

Our 29th Annual Spring Retreat, “A Gathering of Men,” is this coming Saturday.  I’m writing this message on Friday, May 29th, and as of today we have over a dozen staff members who are participating and approximately 20 who have officially registered for the event thus far.  I have heard from others who have informed me of their intentions to register, so I’m assuming that we’ll have a number of men signing up this week.  Historically, 50% of our enrollments take place a week to 10 days preceding our retreats.  If this holds true for this event we should have about 50 men gathering on “the hill” for an outstanding day of fellowship and camaraderie.

It’s been our policy to accept registrations until the day of the event.  However, doing that makes our planning efforts more cumbersome for several reasons, one of which is our need to give our camp a count so they know how much food to prepare for our meal(s). 

So, if you’re planning to attend and haven’t registered yet, please go online now and sign up. 

If you are still wavering, trying to decide whether or not to attend, I invite you to consider this: this one-day “mini-retreat” is a very low cost opportunity for you to experience what it might be like if you were to be with us on one of our full length four-day retreats.  It’s a small cost to pay to receive a huge value. 

For those of you who have been on a retreat with us already, this is a perfect opportunity to invite new men to see who we are and what we do during our longer retreats.  (Attendees will be given a discount if they sign up for our October retreat before leaving the site.)  So give some thought to who that friend or family member might be who could really use a day away to reflect and contemplate his life and its direction.

Looking forward to being with you in the spirit of brotherhood,


Stephen J. Johnson Ph.D., LMFT
Executive Director



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Dr. Stephen Johnson is founder and executive director
of the Men's Center Los Angeles. He is also the author of
an amazing how-to book for men who want to become better
men . . .  AND for the women who care about them.
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