What is your Sacred Duty?

What is your Sacred Duty?

by Stephen J. Johnson Ph.D., LMFT
Executive Director

Elie Wiesel, the Nazi concentration camp survivor, Nobel Peace Prize winner and author whose seminal work “Night” is regarded as one of the mostpowerful achievements in Holocaust literature, died this month at age 87.

The way things are going these days it’s become the norm that something significant in the news has a very short shelf life, only to be pushed aside by the next “Breaking News” to capture the world’s attention.  I wanted to not let Elie Wiesel’s passing slip by us too quickly.

President Barrack Obama and Elie Wiesel, 2009

President Obama recounted his visit with his “dear friend” in 2009 to Buchenwald, where more than 50,000 people were killed during the Nazi regime.  He said, “Elie Wiesel was one of the great moral voices of our time and in many ways the conscience of the world.”  He went on to say, “After we walked together among the barbed wire and guard towers of Buchenwald where he was held as a teenager and where his father perished, Elie spoke words I’ve never forgotten -- ‘Memory has become a sacred duty of all people of goodwill.’  Upholding that sacred duty was the purpose of Elie’s life.”

Rabbi Steve Leder

Rabbi Steve Leder, who serves at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, expressed that, “Through his words and his work, Wiesel spent his life preparing future generations for the day when there would no longer be a living witness to the Holocaust.”  And, by some estimates over 30% of the world’s population do not even believe that the Holocaust took place.

The world was suffering so much turmoil and anguish during World War II when the Holocaust was occurring. Following the war there was a period of time in which people felt that things were indeed on the mend and getting better.  I hear people today, however, question whether the world is unraveling and falling apart.  Many feel that things are getting worse. 

Sam Sadasiva Geppi

Sam Sadasiva Geppi, Founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science feels differently.  He states, “In my opinion, things are not ‘getting worse’ than before, we are just seeing the truth now, more than ever - and en masse the unacceptability of literal racism, institutional racism - or racism of any kind is coming to the forefront.”

In the process of the world’s population coming to terms with the truth that all of us came from the ONE and will merge back into the ONE and that we are all many facets of the ONE, we are going through a major cleansing and awakening.  We are experiencing the effects of an old world order falling away and the birth of a new world order in which we are experiencing an “atonement” or AT ONE MENT.  We are going through the birth pains of global transformation and a spiritual renaissance.

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama put it this way, “So true! We are on the verge of a great spiritual awakening...The world is undergoing the death throes of an old order and the travail of a new birth...And whether or not it remains suspended in a state of indeterminate coma or passes immediately into the Heaven of divine promise, will depend entirely upon how many of its ancient corpses it is willing to lose.  It is as certain as that the laws of nature are immutable, that someday the world will be reborn, resurrected into a consciousness of unity, cooperation, love and collective security.”

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As Spiritual Warriors we have a “Sacred Duty” to advance the cause of spiritual awakening, to remember our mission, our destiny path, and not to forget those who came before us who dedicated their lives in the service of a better humanity for all.

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