31 Survival Skills for the True Outsdoorsman

31 Survival Skills for the True Outdoorsman

by Vince Tuscano         www.Survivallife.com

A vacation in the great outdoors can be invigorating and liberating. You’re enjoying every minute away from the stresses of modern life. A short hike from base camp to explore the flora and fauna won’t hurt anyone on such a glorious day.

Then you realize you left your phone and you’re stranded, somewhere. What would you do? A scenario like this has happened before and you could be the next one. How you deal with the situation will greatly depend on your outdoor survival skills. We have put together a list of the abilities you need to come out alive.


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Vince Tuscano has been writing for Survival Life for more than a year now. He loves nature and the outdoors as much as he is fascinated with tools and gadgets. A survivor of several natural disasters including hurricanes and the heavy rainstorms and monsoons that are common in his country, he has learned that it's not just strength or fitness that can help you make it through. It's determination and the natural will to survive.