"Discovery of the Self through Man’s Quest for Excellence"

PIERRE GRIMES . . . "the only living Platonist on Earth" and a "true Jnana Yogi" will be our distinguished guest presenter next month up on the mountain. Come join us and learn from a real master. 

Discovery of the Self through Man’s Quest for Excellence

MCLA Proudly Welcomes  Distinguished Guest Presenter

by Winter Lazerus

All men moving along the Sacred Path strive to become better men and consistently seek excellence in all aspects of their lives. Participants at next month’s 30th Annual Sacred Path Men’s Retreat will have the great honor and privilege of learning from one of our generation’s greatest thinkers, Pierre Grimes.

Pierre will share some amazing philosophical information about the common quest for excellence that all good men possess and how the “Self” plays a fundamental role in this personal hero’s journey. He will explain in fascinating detail:

* The discovery of the Self through the quest for Excellence.
* The need to discover the origin of the false images of the self.
* The false image is the cause of all the vice, though it appears as virtue.
* The new paradigm for Understanding Human problems

Pierre Grimes, Ph.D, is one of a kind. Enlisting in the Army as a teenager in World War II,  he volunteered for service as a paratrooper but ended up being sent as a replacement to the 36th Texas Infantry Division. He was sent to Europe and landed on D-Day at Anzio Beach for the Italian campaign and for the Southern France invasion. Pierre quickly was chosen to be a scout and then led troops from Italy, through France and all the way into Germany where he saw the liberation of two concentration camps. He was awarded a Bronze Star with an Oak Leaf Cluster and a Purple Heart in recognition of his bravery in battle and his unit received two Presidential Citations for heroism.

Pierre's leadership and gifts in the area of Transformative Consciousness work are legend. He was a friend of Joseph Campbell who directed the young Pierre, having returned from WWII to "Go west and start working with this brilliant man in San Francisco named Alan Watts.”

Pierre listened to Campbell's wise advice and became a right hand co-creator with Alan Watts in his work in the fields of emerging Consciousness Studies on the west coast.


In his famous autobiography, “In My Own Way," Watts wrote that Pierre is, "A true Jnana Yogi” for his brilliant work using Plato and Philosophy as a means for healing. Pierre’s friend, Huston Smith, calls Pierre, “The only living Platonist on Earth.” 

Pierre is a deeply engaging speaker and his group work with Dreams is legend. He is playful and a bit of a cartoonist with a white board or chalk board, drawing all that he is discoursing about or the complete scenes from someone’s dreams. 

Pierre is the author of many influential books and publications including Philosophical Midwifery: A New Paradigm for Understanding Human Problems With Its Validation

Excerpt from the The Noetic Society for The Study of Dialogue and The Exploration of Dialectic:

In 1982, the Son (Zen) master Chong-An (who was later given the name Myo Bong) of the Chogye Buddhist order of Korea, suggested the creation of a center that would combine Buddhism and Platonic Philosophy.

Chong-An was present when Pierre conducted classes on midwifery before the members of the Noetic Society. As Pierre describes it in the "New Paradigm for Understanding":

“It was during these talks (with Chong-An) that I realized only too well what a task I had been engaged in since I was reviving and adapting parts of what was once a magnificent system of philosophy. In contrast, Buddhism had a different history; it had been fortunate in being able to continue into the present age, even adding to its rich philosophical and contemplative traditions, while Platonic thought had been thoroughly suppressed and has only managed to survive as an object of scholarly research rather than as a vital and profound spiritual system alongside of the Eastern contemplative systems.

"One day over a cup of tea, Chong-An offered me an opportunity and challenge that surprised me. He said that I was a teacher who was disguising himself as a student and that I should drop the mask and be myself, a teacher. I laughed and tried to hold to my belief that I knew nothing that could benefit students. He simply said that if I do it, I would see for myself that I was a teacher.

"I accepted the challenge and I became Hui-An, the Master Dharma Teacher and was sealed as his Dharma Successor. Myo Bong, the Patriarchal Dharma successor of Venerable Hye-Am, the 33rd patriarch from Lin Chi, has founded several temples and is presently in Korea.”

The Men’s Center Los Angeles is deeply honored to host Pierre Grimes in October as a distinguished presenter at the Autumn 2016 Sacred Path Men’s Retreat. Make plans now to attend this very special event and learn from one of the masters. Click here to register. 


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Winter Lazerus is a Grammy-nominated, 12-time multi-gold and platinum award-winning record producer, composer, artist, musician, and mastering/mix engineer. His early work includes the recording of Donald Fagen’s “The Nightfly” which was nominated for seven Grammy Awards. He has worked with diverse artists such as Micheal Jackson, Martin Scorsese, Pink Floyd and Clint Eastwood. Winter works out of his studio in Beachwood Canyon, Voice of the Silence, and hosts innovative art, consciousness and community events at Besant Lodge. He has worked globally on creative projects from Manhattan to Paris, Iceland to Ireland. His current focus involves Virtual Reality, Immersive Domes and Augmented Reality. He has a Master's degree in Consciousness Studies and is currently completing a novel, a song-cycle, an opera, and a biography about his struggle and success in understanding and resolving a life-long condition called Hashimoto’s Disease.  




30th Annual Sacred Path Men's Retreat,  TRIBE: October 20-23.
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