Experience Manly Mindfulness on the Mountain

Nick Stein Brings Mindfulness meditation to the Mountain


Disconnecting from the world and tuning in to your own intuitive, inner guidance is a major accomplishment for most men in today’s highly-competitive, complicated society.

Participants in MCLA’s upcoming 30th Annual Sacred Path Men’s Retreat will have the unique opportunity to learn from an expert on mindfulness meditation and actually engage in powerful, centering, stress-relieving meditation right there on the mountain.

Nick Stein is an award-winning TV producer and show runner who has worked on countless hours of non-fiction television for a myriad of networks and production companies. His list of credits runs the gamut from a Smithsonian series on the oil boom in North Dakota to a National Geographic/Peter Gabriel World Music Special. He created ESPN’s Amazing Games and was the series producer of 40 episodes of Discovery Channel’s hit Monster Nation.

Stein also ran the highest-rated series in the history of the National Geographic Channel - Border Wars. Spanning 4-years and 56 hours, he and his crews gained unparalleled access to the hottest areas of the US/Mexican border, embedded with the operational units of Customs and Border Protection, ICE, DEA and the U.S. Coast Guard.

In that role he spent the better part of four years (56 episodes) deeply embedded with the tactical units of a various federal law enforcement agencies, including CBP, ICE, DEA and the US Coast Guard. Stein’s persistent reporting on the human suffering of “ illegal" immigrants, cartel drug runners, unaccompanied children, overburdened agents and officers, and others, left him depleted and burnt out.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Seeking relief while working in Montreal, Canada, Nick availed himself of a science-based contemplative system developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Grateful for his newfound equanimity, Nick brought his practice back to California, taking extensive courses at UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC) and going on silent retreats. After two years, he was accepted into MARC’s Intensive Practice Program (IPP), and later, intent on teaching, Nick gained entrance into the Engaged Mindfulness Institute (EMI), a nationally renowned secular mindfulness certification program.

Because of his work at the border, Nick has dedicated himself to finding ways introduce the techniques and ideas behind mindfulness to the men and women of Law Enforcement. Working with the mindful-policing pioneer, Lt. Richard Goerling, Nick has co-taught a series of half-day seminars at regional security conferences around the country.

Nick has also worked with inmates inside LA County’s Men’s Jail and is slated to work with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Chaplains in Georgia, as well as Border Patrol Agents in South Texas. In addition to working with people in the Criminal Justice spectrum, Nick works for companies (SellBrite, 44 Blue, Discovery Communications) and teaches at the Perfectly Here meditation center.

Make plans now to join Nick and a huge group of manly, mindful men up on the mountain overlooking Malibu and the Pacific Ocean on October 20-23. The power of mindfulness meditation has been proven for men of all walks of life. Come check it out for yourself.


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