Director's Message -- February, 2017

February 2017

Greetings Sacred Path Community,

I attended the first of Dr. Pierre Grimes’ lectures last Thursday night.  The topic was The Betrayal of the Self and the nature of “The One.”  He laid the groundwork for the presentations to follow over the next several meetings slated for the last Thursday of each month at the Besant Theatre on Beachwood Drive in the Hollywood hills.  The venue itself is quite remarkable for its history as a stage for Theosophist luminaries and followers.  You can feel the energies still lingering from the remarkable men and women who offered their talents and gifts in the early days of Hollywood.  Daniel Winter Lazerus is our host and Dr. Stephen Heller, a legendary master of Theosophist teachings, introduced Pierre.

It appeared that there were approximately 50 in attendance; however, I was surprised that only a couple of us from MCLA were in the audience.  I want to encourage you to favorably consider attending on February 23rd.  I continue to be impressed with Pierre’s brilliance and overall vigor and vitality at age 94.  Simply stated, Pierre is a true living master. It's so wonderful for those of us that are now in our senior elder years to have mentors who are older.  Now with Pierre, I have two, one male and one female, in their 90's.

On another note, though I am appreciating my sabbatical time off, I am also engaged in the visioning and initial phase planning for our 31st annual Sacred Path MCLA Retreat and Conference next fall. With the intention to secure continuing education units for professionals in need of them, It occurred to me lately that our retreats are actually evolving into conferences comprised of individuals who assemble to learn from presenters who offer their teachings on an array of topics central to a particular theme. 

Our Last retreat was comprised of talented teachers in various fields who are aligned in men's work:  Dr. Pierre Grimes, Dr. Jed Diamond, Philip Folsom from Fulcrum Leadership Institute, Ray Bunch, Christo Pellani, Nicolas Stein, Daniel Winter Lazerus, the men of Apex Foundation including 3 live wolves, our very own David “Strongbear” Meyers, Rob Bruce, Dr. Michael Lewis, Tommy Holmes and Bill Arena were featured. 

Our 31st Annual Sacred Path Men’s Conference Retreat will commence on Thursday, October 19th, and adjourn on Sunday, October 22nd.  We intend to expand our attendance number to upwards of 100.  I would like have 60 to 70 men, ages 19 and up, and 10- 20 young males ages 15-18 including a staff of 20 who will gather for the event.  We’ll offer an early enrollment for the men in the MCLA community prior to promoting the retreat to those outside of our network. 

The ability to earn CEU’s should be very inviting for those interested in our events and eager to fulfill their ongoing educational units in the area of men’s work.  So, those enrollments will go quickly when we promote them. Advance Enrollments for MCLA men will kick off by May or June followed by open enrollments for others.  For now, mark your calendars for the October dates 19-22 and plan to get your deposit in among the first.

I’m extending invitations to presenters to attend the retreat and will update you on the list as it comes together. One of the men that I have invited is filmmaker (Hoop Dreams), Frederick Marx. He has vast experience in men’s work and has interests in supporting veterans and spiritual warriors in general as well as the depth of his Buddhist teachings will make a great contribution to the mix.
Read about him in this newsletter.


As you know, our slant on men's work has always had a highly diverse spiritual focus.  Pierre expressed that he has taught groups throughout the world and has not ever experienced the quality and caliber of community that he witnessed with the gathering of 65 men who assembled in October.  Pierre will be with us again next October.



There are a few spaces still open for the March Colorado river kayak trip under the guidance of Scott Ewing, Dan Stanton, Rob Bruce and Dr. Michael Lewis.  There will be upwards of 30 on the adventure.  Take a Take a leap and join the fun.  It’s a great experience!


One of our presenters for our 30th last October,  Dr. Jed Diamond, has shared with us one of his latest blog posts.  Whatever you feel about our new President’s administration, it’s pretty clear that we all have our work to do to make the world a safer and more harmonious place to live for all in the Spirit of “The One.” Have a read as to why Jed feels that the Trump presidency will “surprisingly be the world’s greatest gift.”





Stephen J. Johnson Ph.D., LMFT
Executive Director







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Dr. Stephen Johnson is founder and executive director
of the Men's Center Los Angeles and leader/wayshower
of the Sacred Path men's retreats for the past 30 years.
He is author of "THE SACRED PATH: THE WAY OF THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR," an amazing how-to book for men who want to become better men . . . AND for the women who care about them.




The MCLA Wisdom Council honored Dr. Johnson's amazing 30 years of mindful men leadership and mentorship with a special commemorative film that debuted on the mountain at the recent 30th Annual Sacred Path Men's Retreat. Click here to view "The Sacred Path."