A message from the Associate Director


I write this with lots of gratitude for many people especially the ones who made this retreat so great.  Much of what makes our MCLA retreats exceptional are not only the speakers and the breakouts, but the care and love given to our sacred containers.  I want to thank the veteran men of MCLA for being open to new ideas, ceremonies and locations.  For the new guys, I hope you had a great and fulfilling retreat.  The other day I was on the phone with Rob and we were discussing how fast the “thrill” of the retreat can subside with all the tasks and demands of life in Chronos.   After many moments of recollecting the years of retreats we’ve collectively done, one realization ultimately flowed to the surface:  The hill is simply practice for life off the hill.  So, how do we take what we “got” on the hill and bring it down with us?  Sorry to say, but you can’t.  To take the magic, the comradery, the energy, the smells and all the other things that moved you on that mountain is virtually impossible.  Therefore we must find acceptance that life on the mountain is separate than life off of it—Herein lies the grief.  So to deal with the grief, let’s first accept the loss.  Next, find someone that you had a shared-experience with so you can commiserate as well as celebrate those memories.  Talk about how you are feeling being off the mountain and how you are doing with the transition.  Burn some sage to indulge your limbic system and remember that the only time that ever exists is “now.”  You are worth it.  We are all here for you.

With love from your brother,

Michael Lewis, MD