Narcissistic Rage and Abuse

Narcissistic Rage and Abuse

By Kelly Hendrix

So I just watched this recent Trump press conference (the one the NYT and CNN were excluded from)...and here are my thoughts:

If you know me personally, you probably are well aware that in recent years I've had the up-close experience of being on the receiving end of narcissistic rage and abuse.

Based on my experience with narcissism in my relationships and organizations and the patterns of narcissists . . . it's very clear that this current administration's M.O. is to test our government's current limits of power.

That's what an abuser does . . . after the honeymoon love-bomb phase is over and you are hooked on them, that's when the real face of the abuser appears.

At that stage, the abuser immediately gets to work testing your boundaries, breaking you down and re-molding you to their image of acquiescence.

And then once they have you figured out, as well as how skilled (or unskilled) you are at defending those boundaries, they declare war.

The actual strategy of how a narcissist or a psychopath will go about this war entirely depends on the self awareness of their victim. Often they choose their victim because that victim usually has some quality or possession that they covet, or feel threatened by. They customize their abuse to their target.

The way that they declare war can be subtle or overt. It can be many battles or it can be one major coup d'etat. Little by little they start walking over you, erasing you, exploiting weaknesses and creating absurd rules that only apply to you, often that are a direct mockery of the boundaries you originally communicated.

They make false promises to keep you hooked. Then they go right back into loading the pipeline with bullshit, lies and chaos so that you will put up with anything for the precious commodity of love and the mere promise of normalcy that they withhold from you and hold over your head.

The first time this happens it can be both shocking and traumatic. The lovebombing is replaced quite suddenly with the scowl of a grumbling tyrant.

No matter how healthy you were before you met them -- they will wear you down and wear you down and find a way to crazy make until they have you under their thumb to the point that they are in control of the very narrative of the reality you share or share with others.

To be more specific, the tyrant hijacks the reality of their victim. Or in this case a whole country. Once they have power over you, they play with that power, and will constantly use the power they have over you to make your life a living hell. Or the very least manipulate you into being right where they want you.

Why does the tyrant do this?? For a number of reasons. Usually it's because the narcissist/tyrant gets a sick pleasure from that rush of power they feel from breaking their target's spirit.

Sometimes they take satisfaction in how their constant crazy making causes their victims to anguish and squirm. Or maybe the manipulation is just one stage in a series of calculated moves. Once their target has done what their narcissist wants them to do, and has had the soul sucked out of them . . . a broken plaything is no fun, so the narcissist discards them without a second thought.

And that is what they are attempting to do us as a nation. Whoever is truly behind this regime truly wishes to see us fall, if just to watch us crash and burn.

I mean what kind of people try to gaslight a whole nation? Who tf does that?? Thinking that they'll get away with it . . . this nation was made of revolution. Everything Trump is doing is grating against every fiber of who we are.

And why it's so crucial right now that we keep fighting, keep labeling the abusive behaviors we see from this administration, keep encouraging each other to rise up. We need to keep organizing and boycotting and marching.

We need to keep exercising our rights until we exorcize these demons from office, and stop them from infesting our democracy.

We need to be unafraid to do whatever that takes even if that means risking our lives.



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"Being the driving force launching Universal brotherhood as seen in actions of the public-at-large, scattering seeds of peace and harmony in hearts of humans, and externalizing the vision of peace on earth spanning nations is what I'm all about. Namaste."         
-- Kelly Hendrix