"THE DOCTOR IS OUT" by Dr. Michael Lewis

THE DOCTOR IS OUT: How deepening the connection within the doctor-patient relationship improves healing. 
A Manual. A Memoir.

MCLA's very own Dr. Mike Lewis, Wisdom Council member, MD, and official Sacred Path KCTTP (Kayak Camping Trip Team Physician) is releasing his new book in early 2017.  Sign up on his website now to WIN A KINDLE FIRE TABLET, 7", 8GB, Wi-Fi and also receive early access to the new book.

A nonfiction work by Dr. Michael Lewis, MD Board Certified, Family Medicine, takes an honest and authentic look at the barriers to delivering compassionate medical care in today's healthcare environment. With a wealth of diverse and unique medical experiences all over the world, Dr. Lewis explores how these barriers affect the overall health and mental health of both the physician and the patient. And what YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.


"Your support is appreciated. I hope you will find the book to be engaging, funny, touching and TRUE!
Releasing early 2017"

Dr. Mike


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WIN A KINDLE FIRE, 8GB, Wi-Fi, Tablet, 7"

All you have to do is go to Dr. Mike's website by clicking here: www.MichaelLewisMD.com. Sign up for the mailing list to get exclusive access to the book's release. You will receive an early release of the e-book and be invited to write an honest review prior to the main release. All reviewers will be entered into a random drawing, and a winner will be chosen on the book release day (TBD) on a Facebook-live video feed!




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Click here for exclusive early access to Dr. Mike's new book: www.MichaelLewisMD.com

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