by Dr. Stephen Johnson
MCLA Executive Director

Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) is a therapeutic method incorporating the use of light, color wavelengths, and eye movements to rapidly transform emotional distress and related physical pain into a positive emotional state. Professionals trained in ETT work to help those in therapy address trauma and other pain and achieve lasting, healing change.

Developed by contemporary psychologist Dr. Steven Vazquez in 1991, ETT Is a relatively new form of therapy. Dr. Vazquez’s studies in the fields of epigenetics, optometry, neurobiology, and quantum physics influenced various aspects of his development of ETT as he attempted to establish a therapeutic technique beneficial for the reduction of emotional and physical distress. His noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical approach combines traditional psychotherapy with the use of visual brain stimulation and colored light therapy for fast results.

In Dr. Vazquez' book, Emotional Transformation Therapy, An Interactive Ecological Psychotherapy,” he explains, “The implications for counseling and psychotherapy are enormous.  This process has the potential to revolutionize the way therapists work.  Symptoms are changed so rapidly and so permanently that the use of psychotropic medications might become largely obsolete.  However, its use for physical symptoms may offer an even greater breakthrough, particularly in treating physical pain syndromes.”

Several members of our MCLA community (Dr. Stephen Johnson, Jeffrey Young & Anthony DiMaggio shown above) are currently training in this powerful modality of healing under Master Level Trainer, Lolita Domingue, LMFT.  We were initially introduced to this neuroscientifically-based therapeutic power of color and light by one of our MCLA leaders, Mitchell Roth, while attending the Sacred Path Men's Retreat last October. 

Mitchell Roth, JD, MS, LMHC

Mitchell, who had just completed his Level I (out of 5 levels) training, was quite excited by what he had learned, and graciously offered to work on a few retreat participants. If you reside in Florida, or are traveling there, Mitch has just completed his Level III Training.  Click here to visit his website and experience a remarkable session under his guidance. He resides in the Boynton Beach area.

There is a wide array of ETT diagnostic categories ranging from neurosis to more severe mood disorders and addictive tendencies that respond favorably to this amazing modality. It has proven to show positive results with crime victims, survivors of automobile accidents, rape survivors, survivors of natural disaster, war trauma and other disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

ETT Master Training instructor Lolita Domingue, LMFT

If you are a licensed therapist, or budding counselor in training, and would like to equip yourself with a revolutionary new treatment modality, there is an upcoming training scheduled June 2-4. If you do, you’ll be able to join the three of us for our Level II training that will follow by summer.  Check out Lolita's website at www.lolitamdomingue.com.

Participants attending this training will learn to combine empirically based concepts from quantum physics using precise wavelengths of light and attachment neurobiology to access core emotions while providing attuned interpersonal support. This break through technology also provides a new level of client safety while rapidly regulating intense emotion.


ETT Level 1 Training

WHEN:  Friday - Sunday, June 2 - 4, 2017
WHERE:  Office of Lolita M. Domingue, Marriage and Family Therapist
Email: ett.training@icloud.com   (909) 982-5171
1126 W. Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91786

For additional information about this event and registration info, click this link:
ETT Level 1 Training June 2-4, 2017



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DR. STEPHEN JOHNSON is founder and executive director
of the Men's Center Los Angeles and leader/wayshower
of the Sacred Path men's retreats for the past 30 years.
He is author of "THE SACRED PATH: THE WAY OF THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR," an amazing how-to book for
men who want to become better men . . . AND
for the women who care about them.