"Orchestrating Success in Your Life

Ray Bunch, Phillip Jennings, Dr. Bill Flaxman and Dr. Pierre Grimes



Dr. Bill Flaxman



Orchestrating Success in Your Life

Self-managing difficult or uncomfortable emotions and problem behaviors that arise from challenging health-related, work-related, or personal relationship situations that men face

by William Flaxman, PhD, MFT




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William Flaxman, PhD, MFT, has for more than 40 years been guiding individuals, families, and couples in conflict or crisis learn as quickly as possible how to transition from instability to security by their learning how to self-manage the various challenges that life throws at us.  When in distress at facing personal difficulties, people may sometimes behave reactively in ways that worsen the situation, or they may self-medicate the feeling of distress with drugs or alcohol, which adds an additional addictive component without resolving the real underlying problems.  Successfully solving life-crises requires integrated thinking & behavior to achieve the desirable satisfying shift in emotional feeling.  Bill is the author of "Substance Use as a Function of Mood-Related Consciousness Alteration" which integrates the work of more than 50 "addiction" and "consciousness" researchers, demonstrating the differences between "normal" or "benign substance use" vs misuse, abuse, and addiction.  Bill is a past president of the Group Psychotherapy Association of Southern California and a member of the MCLA Wisdom Council.