Embracing Our Humanity Through Movement


Embracing Our Humanity
Through Movement

by David Carico
Continuum Movement Teacher

When we get out of our heads and into our bodies, we can experience our own vitality and the connection we have with each other and all life on the planet.  By tracking our sensations and allowing those sensations to move us rather than our minds, we come alive in new and unexpected ways. This is a path that allows for freedom from old patterns of movement and thinking.

The body shares its ancient wisdom with us when we listen. We can improve our health and vitality by simply listening to and following the movement that is naturally occurring every moment in our bodies.    

Together, we will re-discover the childhood fascination with our own bodies through movement. During the workshop, we will slow down the pace of our busy lives and connect with our breath. We will make sounds that create space in our tissues, awaken sensation, and move freely at our own pace and rhythm. We will connect with each other in a supportive and safe environment.  I hope you will join us at the Sacred Path Men's Retreat in Malibu beginning October 19, 2017.



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DAVID CARICO, certified in seated massage and social ministry, will be a special guest presenter at the 31st Annual Sacred Path Men's Retreat in October. He is an authorized Continuum Movement Teacher. Continuum Movement is a practice that uses breath, sound, and non-patterned movement to foster a direct experience of the body.  David has also participated in workshops in movement, dance, expressive arts, and performance led by Anna Halprin and G. Hoffman Soto of the Tamalpa Institute.  He currently studies with Fred Sugerman who founded Medicine Dance and leads dance workshops and trainings in Los Angeles. David has been a facilitator and small group leader within the Breaththrough Men’s Community for many years helping men to examine issues of childhood trauma, gender conditioning, and social oppression. Email David at david@caricolaw.com