"Ride the Wave, Go WITH the Flow" __ Dr. J's New Year's Message

“Heading into the New Year with Hope, Faith and Determination

. . . to Ride the Wave and Go WITH the Flow”

January 1, 2019

New Year’s Greetings MCLA/Sacred Path Community,

Personally speaking and from what I’ve heard expressed from many, 2018 was a very challenging year!  It put us on notice to prepare for more changes ahead.  We seem to be in the midst of a new normal.  

The norm historically tends to have us looking forward to the next year and expressing that we hope that it’s better than the one that has just concluded. It’s typical to hope that each new year is smoother and easier than the last. It’s probable, however, that we, en masse, are being prepared and conditioned to deal more intelligently with increasing challenges on many fronts including the environmental, physical and mental health, financial, as well as the multitude of societal issues that we’re facing.

With that in mind, we are called on to level up for the future. Getting in shape and making necessary adjustments seems to be the message for heading into a New Year with hope, faith and determination to ride the wave and go with the flow.  

In our reconnaissance to find a venue to reappoint our retreat to the spring we realized that not only are we dealing with the fact that most venues are booked a year in advance; additionally, if there were any openings, they quickly booked with other organizations who lost their dates with the camps that burned. We also have certain needs that not every camp can accommodate.

We were able to find an open date with another camp for October.  We will be going to the camp within the next week or two to view it and will provide more information in the February newsletter. We’re also in consideration of arranging one or more one-day events in the coming months prior to our rescheduled longer retreat.

In the spirit of the Sacred Path, we at the helm of MCLA on the Wisdom Council wish you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year filled with peace, love and good cheer!

With love and light,


Stephen J. Johnson Ph.D., LMFT
Executive Director

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 Dr. Stephen Johnson is founder and executive director of MCLA and leader/wayshower of the Sacred Path men's retreats for the past 33 years. He is a gifted therapist and master facilitator for the experiential journey that unfolds during his counseling sessions and workshops. Dr. J is a skilled and seasoned psychotherapist who has the sensibilities of a wisdom teacher. He provides a safe space for freedom of expression in accessing one’s pain while fostering transformation, personal expansion and spiritual growth. www.DrStephenJohnson.com 

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Dr. Johnson is author of "THE SACRED PATH: THE WAY OF THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR," an amazing how-to book for men who want to become better men. The groundbreaking book’s forward written by
Dr. J’s friend, fellow USC football fan and longtime MCLA member Levar Burton.