Indigenous Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle


MCLA Wisdom Council

HUGE ENERGETIC SHIFTS __ There are some major vibrational changes occurring right now here on planet Earth that have been foretold by the Indigenous Prophecy of the Eagle (the North) and the Condor (the South). We're clearly living through some difficult times while simultaneously moving toward a potential and beautiful return to balance and wholeness.

The Prophecy of the Eagle (the North, masculine energy, the intellect) and the Condor (the South, feminine energy, the heart/feeling/divine intuition) foretells a coming time when the two shall fly together, a time when the world will once again experience a sacred rebalancing of divine masculine and divine feminine, a spiritual joining together of mutual respect and energetic embrace between the head (intellect) and the heart (intuition). The time is coming.

To make this prophecy come to fruition, we must first see and acknowledge the imbalances in our world. These things are now being brought into the Light for purification and transmutation . . . racism and sexism and intolerance and judgement and global warming and focusing on our differences instead of our commonalities. This critical need for balance is especially true of men, the people of my own gender. The men of our species definitely have work to do.

These ancient teachings explain the world’s current energetic rebalancing on three levels:
Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
Spiritual and Physical
Heaven and Earth

Come join us and learn more about this amazing transformation and explore powerful action steps to help raise the global consciousness of all people living on this planet. In the indigenous Lakota Sioux language of the North "Mitakuye oyasin" / All my relations. We are all related.  

MEN'S WORKSHOP __ In the afternoon Dallas Police Detective Ed Lujan and Bill Arena will co-host a special Texas workshop (for both men and women):  
How To Be A Spiritual Man During Very Difficult Times”
1)  Respect Women
2)  Honor Fathers
3)  Forgive Others

Our world is currently undergoing an energetic explosion and sacred rebalancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. The energetic pendulum is swinging. Balance is coming.  This workshop is for both men and women and focuses on love and respect for ALL people.


Dallas Police Detective Ed Lujan was working an off-duty security assignment at a Dallas nightclub escorting a suspect out of the building after a disturbance. The enraged individual later drove an SUV over the officer crushing him on the pavement, then backed up and drove over his body two more times leaving him for dead. Miraculously, Detective Lujan survived this vicious attack and today shares his amazing experience of being coaxed back from the other side by his own beloved, late father who appeared on the sidewalk over his dying son. Love, forgiveness and compassion played an incredible role in Officer Lujan’s return to life and health. Click here to view WFAA's profile of Detective Lujan's brush with death. 

MEN’S ISSUES __ Several critical topics from Dr. Stephen Johnson’s groundbreaking book "THE SACRED PATH: THE WAY OF THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR" will also be explored and discussed including:
*  Four crisis points in a man's life
*  The Father Gap wound that just won't heal
*  How a man can become the father he always wanted
*  What men are feeling but not saying
*  Types of men vulnerable to dangerous relationships
*  Types of women who collude in a man's downfall
*  How a circle of good men can be a lifesaving grace
*  The importance of mentors
*  Six challenges that men meet on the chivalrous path
*  Six mindfulness practices on the Sacred Path
*  Finding and renewing your true love
*  How to increase "Male Net Worth"

The afternoon workshop "How To Be A Spiritual Man During Difficult Times" is open to both men and women and starts at 1:00 pm.  $20 love offering at the door. Workshop proceeds benefit ASSIST THE OFFICER FOUNDATION. Copies of Dr. Johnson's book "The Sacred Path: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior" will also be available. 


POTLUCK LUNCHEON: In between the "Indigenous Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle" at 10:30 am and the afternoon men's workshop "How To Be A Spiritual Man During Difficult Times," such divine timing, this Sunday is Harmony's monthly potluck luncheon. Bring a healthy food item to share.

Good program. Good food. Honoring and returning the sacred balance of divine masculine energy and divine feminine energy. We ALL love to eat. We're ALL in this together. Mitakuye oyasin (Lakota)/ALL my relations. 

Harmony Fellowship Order of Service
10:30 am “Indigenous Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle”
12:00 noon  Potluck luncheon. Bring a healthy dish to share
 1:00 pm  "How To Be A Spiritual Man During Difficult Times."

Harmony Fellowship is located at 824 Pennsylvania Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76104. Click here for a map. Click here to visit the Harmony Fellowship website. 



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BILL ARENA lives in the east bay San Francisco. He's an MCLA Wisdom Council member, Men's Work facilitator/guide, Sundancer/Pipe Carrier in Lakota Sioux spiritual tradition (the North), Pachakuti Mesa carrier in Peruvian cross-cultural shamanism (the South), Jin Shin Jyutsu hands-on energy healer, Animal/Bird wrangler, Black Belt MMA instructor, Survivalist, Guided Group Meditation leader, Olympic-style Discus thrower, open water Endurance Swimmer, and head writer/editor ARENA CREATIVE GROUP.  His be-in-the-moment focus graciously gifted to him by previous life Renaissance mentor and Italian paison, Leonardo da Vinci: "Sto ancora imparando" (I am still learning). “La vita è molto, molto buona.” (Life is very, very good). “Gioia e gratitudine” (Joy and gratitude). "Facciamolo" (Let's do this).