Return to Roots: An Offering for Men

 Return to Roots: An Offering for Men

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Return to Roots: An Offering for Men, will be held Saturday February 17, 2018. 

Cohosted by Miguel Rivera, Christo Pellani and Fred Sugerman, the journey begins at The Church In Ocean Park in Santa Monica and transitions by caravan to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains (weather-permitting)


RETURN TO ROOTS: An Offering for Men

RECONNECT TO NATURE __ As modern culture and civilization have evolved in the past decades, we have continually removed ourselves from a consistent relation to nature. No longer are we familiar with the gestation cycles of the plants and animals that surround us. This creates an alienation from the world we live in, a separation from our surroundings, a virtual reality.

CONNECTIONS __ This is an invitation to create paths to the world around us, to renew the relationship and sustain it so we may continue to be connected. To explore old ways that have resurfaced again and new ones so we may benefit from them in the way those that came before us did. Tuning to the land through breath, song, movement, rhythm, steam and creating community. These experiential methods will serve to harmonize, vitalize, and awaken your inherent self care potential. Giving us keys to deepening and developing a practice that will allow individuals to renew, re-sanctify and reclaim the core of the being .

CORE WORK as it is understood in contemporary culture deals only with the physical body, leaving behind emotional, psychological, spiritual and elemental components. This day will offer ways to connect all of these levels or layers so we are aware of how they function simultaneously.

This approach can be applied in a broad range of settings with all ages, stages of life, abilities, and cultural backgrounds, and is also useful in clinical practice for treatment of stress, chronic or life-threatening illness, and addictions. Training or experience in the therapeutic arts is not required.

FIERCE MEN ON THE SACRED PATH __ Join musician, singer and ritual leader Miguel Rivera, master percussionist and sound healer Christo Pellani, and movement artist and energy wrangler Fred Sugerman as they combine forces to bring you and other fierce men together so that we can close the gap between that which we hold deeply internal, and that which we can express safely, and for the good of all concerned.

RETURN TO ROOTS: AN OFFERING FOR MEN, will be held Saturday, February 17, 2018, cohosted by Miguel Rivera, Christo Pellani and Fred Sugerman. The journey begins at The Church In Ocean Park, 235 Hill Street, Santa Monica, 91404, and transitions by caravan to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains (weather-permitting) 12:30 - 8:30 pm.  $100 (work exchange possible). 



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CHRISTO KARAM PELLANI facilitates human potential through experiences blending rhythm, sound, and movement therapies for personal expression, growth and well being. He is recognized internationally as an expressive therapist, master drummer, rhythm awareness drum circle facilitator, healing arts educator and practitioner, teaching artist and seminar facilitator. He is a longtime member MCLA Wisdom Council. To learn more visit SOUNDFORMATION