Sacred Path Men on the Mountain in 10 Days


The clock is running. Exactly 10 days from today an incredible group of mindful men will gather on the mountain for the 31st Annual Sacred Path Men's Retreat beginning Thursday, October 19th. This is the perfect time and place for men to recharge their batteries, to examine what's truly important in life, and share the good energy and positive male companionship of other good men on the path. Click here to register right now and be part of the action.




"The Spiritual Psychology of Mindful Manhood"

Our very own Dr. Stephen Johnson, founder and wayshower of the Sacred Path retreats for the past 31 years, kicks off our program with "The Spiritual Psychology of Mindful Manhood."




Click the video at right to view MCLA's heartfelt tribute to Dr. J entitled "The Sacred Path," the amazing 30-year story of our annual Sacred Path Men's Retreats.



"Sacred Breathing"

John Mafrici and Dr. Stephen Johnson will co-facilitate Sacred Breathing sessions, a gentle yet extremely effective way of touching our feeling center, locating and releasing unconscious causes of negativity, empowering us to reverse old decisions and make new choices, grounded in high self-esteem and spiritual certainty. Powerful. Life-changing.



"The Betrayal of the Self
and Power of Dreamwork"

Internationally-acclaimed philosopher and master teacher Pierre Grimes has been hailed as "A true Jnana Yogi" and "The only living Platonist on Earth" among many other descriptive superlatives. Come learn from a true master.
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"From Stress to Strength
. . . through Meditation"

Nick Stein will facilitate a breakout session on Mindfulness Skills and explain the best, most practical methods for enjoying the phenomenal benefits of meditation. 
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"Men's Health & Hazards"

Dr. Michael Lewis will and Dr. Bruce Figoton will share some shocking facts about men's overall healthcare, pharmaceuticals and tangible things you can do right away to live a strong, healthy lifestyle.


"Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT)"

Presentation by Mitch Roth introducing this life-changing, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach combining traditional psychotherapy with the use of visual brain stimulation and colored light therapy for fast results.
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Frederick Marx will discuss his new film about the terrible challenges facing veterans today as well as his personal Buddhist approach to living a good life.
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"PTSD & Firefighters Down"

Clyde Terry & Mike Henry will share the challenges faced by military people and first responders and the common traits of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). MCLA is a proud supporter of FireFighters Down and supports the amazing, healing work of this local organization. Click here for details.



"Curriculum Movement For Men"

The body shares its ancient wisdom with us when we listen. David Carico leads us in an amazing technique to improve our health and vitality by simply listening to and following the movement that is naturally occurring every moment in our bodies. Click here for details.




Manly Musicians Christo Pellani & Tommy Holmes team up for other-worldly musical meditative journeys to enhance the mind, body and spirit. Click here for details.


"Monster Relationships"

Taming the beasts that are killing your relationships. Rod Louden will share some amazing insights about positive relationships beneficial to ALL men in ALL walks of life in ALL of our relationships with other people.
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"Orchestrating success in your life"

Dr. Bill Flaxman will explain how to self-manage difficult or uncomfortable emotions and problem behaviors that arise from challenging health-related, work related, or personal relationship situations that men face.
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The 31st Annual Sacred Path Men’s Retreat will be an excellent opportunity for good men to withdraw from the typical pressure and constant challenges and unrelenting drive for success in the modern world.

Go ahead. Be bold. Take a few days for yourself to relax and regroup and go inward and connect with your higher self. When you join us on the mountain you'll experience the profound peacefulness and energetic bliss of being part of a tribe of good men. You'll feel such power and peace and joy. The Sacred Path men's retreats have been called "life-changing" and "extremely positive." You deserve a break. Come join us.

Life is short. Go ahead. Reserve some time for yourself in the presence of other great men. Come join us on the mountain in October. Click here to register today.



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