"At Death Do Us Part"

“At Death Do Us Part”

After your spouse dies, how do you go forward? 

This beautifully-written, intimate memoir by award-winning filmmaker, writer, Zen Buddhist monk, and esteemed men’s work facilitator Frederick Marx faces the realities of a loved one dying . . . and how to come to grips with this incredibly painful part of life.  

Following a long fight with breast cancer, Tracy's death ended their 13-year marriage. In the months after his loss, Frederick Marx wrote about their time together (falling in love, their shortcomings, her illness, and how they made each other better). Frederick recounts his relationship with his partner--not as a saint, but as a person. He then describes his personal struggle to continue to live life to the fullest, with his beloved partner no longer at his side.

Frederick shares an intimate, gut-wrenching, soul-searching look at love and loss. With exquisite honesty, his story is inevitably full of pain, but also has incredible warmth and beauty and deep appreciation for all facets of living this life.

"This book shivers with the frailties of what it means to be human, enfolding loss in all its forms, finding a way through acceptance back to love."

Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now

Frederick is a long-time believer in the power and critical need for positive, proactive men’s work and the important mission of Men’s Center Los Angeles. Shown here are some of the men he led as a transformational trainer/facilitator at last weekend’s Mankind Project New Warrior Training Project.

“I was deeply moved by Frederick’s story beginning with the words from his introduction. ‘How do you get over losing your life partner?’ This is an experience none of us want to do through, yet it is one that is part of the inevitable human journey. Frederick offers us a glimpse into our present and future losses, but does it in such a beautiful and caring way, we feel like we’re with a true guide and loving friend who is holding us in his kind embrace.” 

 ~ Jed Diamond, author of My Distant Dad: Healing the Family Father Wound

AT DEATH DO US PART is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. An audio version of this powerful work narrated by the author will also be available soon. Click here to learn more about this powerful new book from Frederick Marx.


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FREDERICK MARX is an Emmy and Oscar nominated filmmaker best known for the documentary, Hoop Dreams, which Roger Ebert named “Best Film of the Decade.” His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, People, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Time, Forbes, GQ, and The Wall Street Journal. Nearly 25 years after he attended his first meditation retreat, he became an ordained Zen priest in the Hollow Bones Order of Rinzai Zen.

Frederick’s recent documentary, Journey from Zanskar, was narrated by Richard Gere and featured the Dalai Lama. Marx brings empathy, fresh ideas, and a unique sense of humor to every subject he tackles. His voice is strong, clear, and profoundly human. Learn more at WarriorFilms.org