Gindling C'Anunpa Ceremony December 8th

MCLA’s beloved    Gindling Hilltop Camp    overlooking Malibu and the Pacific Ocean burned to the ground as the    Woolsey fire          roared through our sacred hills destroying everything in sight .

MCLA’s beloved Gindling Hilltop Camp overlooking Malibu and the Pacific Ocean burned to the ground as the Woolsey fire roared through our sacred hills destroying everything in sight.

Sacred Ceremony
on the Mountain


by Bill Arena & Dan Stanton

Last month’s catastrophic and calamitous fires, the most destructive in California history, included the Woolsey fire that literally exploded through the hills above Malibu destroying MCLA’s long-time men’s retreat and sacred sanctuary spot on the mountain, our beloved Gindling Hilltop Camp. Click here for Dr. Johnson’s powerful and soulful reflection of this terrible tragedy that has affected ALL of us: ”Gindling: Phoenix Rising From the Ashes.”

A core group of us will go up to the Gindling Hilltop Camp this Saturday to perform a private C’anunpa/Sacred Pipe ceremony and place Prayer Flags in honor of our retreat home for the past 20+ years. We will meet in Malibu at 9:30 am at Neptune’s Net, 42505 Pacific Coast Highway, and hug, smudge, reconnect and savor our 20-plus years of powerful men’s work on this majestic mountain . . . and then carpool together up the hill. ANYONE who feels called to join us for this private ceremony is encouraged to attend. Please note: this special ceremony is for MEN AND WOMEN: EVERYONE is welcome. Beautiful, Sacred & Divine Balance in ALL ways. Please email Bill Arena ( with your name/mobile number to be added to list. Come join us on the mountain. Powerful, balanced, sacred healing energy for everyone.   

REBIRTH. REJUVENATION. RESPECT. RISING FROM THE ASHES: We hope to stage this ceremony on the same Gindling Hilltop Camp upper hill soccer field where we celebrated Inipi prayer ceremonies at our last MCLA men’s retreat on the mountain in October, 2017. If you cannot be with us IN PERSON, then please honor this sacred ceremony by joining us ENERGETICALLY at 12:00 noon - 12:15 pm Pacific time. “Pheta kin ileya han cha waste’ ” / “It is good to keep the fire burning” __ “Mitakuye oyasin” / “We are all related”


* Tobacco/Water/Sage
* Open Heart/Warrior Spirit
* Personal/Sacred Item for the Altar
* Instrument: Drum/Rattle/Bell/Whistle
* Joy & Appreciation/Gindling’s Rebirth
* Energetic Connection/All Living Things
* Heartfelt Passion/MCLA’s Powerful History


For those of you who cannot join us in person, we humbly and respectfully request that you join us on the mountain ENERGETICALLY. At exactly 12 O’Clock Noon Pacific Time our ceremonial group will be holding hands, holding the energy, and visualizing the Phoenix rising from the ashes, 12:00-12:15 pm, perfectly balanced, Male & Female, 15-minute axis mundi energetic healing vortex on the mountain connecting ALL of us. Come join us wherever you are. Mitakuye oyasin / We are ALL connected.

Prior to our sacred gathering on the mountain this Saturday, either
IN-PERSON or ENERGETICALLY, please set aside 21 minutes of your personal time to relax and slowly, slowly savor this amazing video tribute to our very own Dr. Stephen Johnson and the incredible work achieved over the past 32 years by Men’s Center Los Angeles. Yes, we ARE moving forward. This men’s work started by Dr. J over 32 years ago is more important RIGHT NOW than ever before. The Phoenix WILL rise from the ashes. Mitakuye oyasin / We are ALL connected.

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BILL ARENA is MCLA Newsletter Editor and Wisdom Council 🔥 Agitator.
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