By Shari Schreiber, M.A.

In this piercingly honest and insightful new book, Shari Schreiber reveals the answers to lifelong mysteries we've all struggled to understand: 

❤️ Why haven't my love relationships worked out the way I'd hoped they would? 

❤️ Why haven't I attained success, no matter how hard I've worked? 

❤️ How is it I'm facing struggle again, when I thought I'd finally figured out how to live happily? 

“DO YOU LOVE TO BE NEEDED, OR NEED TO BE LOVED?” is an exceptionally unique, groundbreaking book about codependency, how it begins during infancy, how it derails us in countless ways, and what's necessary to untangle and free ourselves from the compulsive vice-grip it's had on us, which has derailed our goals and dreams. 

Shari Schreiber learned about healing people by having to surmount her own painful life experiences. Tenacious about her pursuit of wholeness and wellness, she invented tools in her mid-twenties to help her grow beyond mere survival and learn to thrive. She imparted these tools and methods to her clients for 18 of the 25 years she was passionately dedicated to helping others repair themselves. Returning to school at age 41, she’d hoped to legitimize the talents she’d always had, but found that experience lacking. Ms. Schreiber has not worked as a state-licensed professional, because in her view, “psychotherapy” or mind work never seemed to resolve or remedy human pain. Her own approach was extremely unconventional, unique and effective in contrast to other forms of intervention, even within the realm of addiction recovery. 

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SHARI SCHREIBER is passionately dedicated to your empowerment, expansion and success. She is, at heart, an educator ~ so a lot of the material you'll read in this book or her website, GettinBetter.com is very candid, straightforward and controversial. Her sincere hope is that you'll have an "Aha!" experience while you're reading, and gain brand new insights and some headway with the challenges you've found to be most troubling. Her new book, “Do You Love To Be Needed, Or Need To Be Loved?” details how she helps clients heal. Think of it as a primer on Codependency and the core trauma wounds that drive our compulsions to place the needs of others far ahead of our own. This addictive reflex prevents us from forming nourishing, healthy and reciprocal attachment bonds! Learn more at Shari Schreiber.com