Why should you consider this retreat?


Imagine arriving on the "hill" on a thursday at 5 pm and a group of men, whom you have never met, somehow seem familiar.  It's as if they know you already and vice-versa.  They are your brothers, kindred spirits and confidants.  The connection is instantaneous and you will continue to ask yourself: "where have these amazing men, my brothers, been all of my life?"


The Wisdom Council is a group of men, dedicated to the Men's movement, especially through the Men's Center of Los Angeles.  This group of men, while on retreat, will reach out, assist you, and help transition you in your journey.  The council members are not only facilitators, they are individuals just like you, walking similar steps, who have traversed similar paths before.


When was the last time you truly honored yourself?  When was the last time that you really listened to what was calling you from the inside?  You are not alone.  We all suffer in one way or another.  Men love to pretend that we are good by ourselves.  Maybe we are ashamed to ask for help.  Remember, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto!  We are here for you!