Interested in the Sacred Path Men's Retreat?

Watch this video to get a glimpse into the magic that happens when you bring good men together.


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please call (858) 848-MCLA and someone will get back to you.

Mark your calendar now for our upcoming Sacred Path 3 1/2 day intensive Winter Men's Retreat, a fantastic opportunity for you to spend time in the presence of good men of different ages, backgrounds, experiences, successes and challenges. PLUS, each and every one of these men has been called to be on the mountain with you, to get in touch with his inner self, to see the world through different eyes, to encourage and support all the other men on their unique journeys in this particular lifetime.  It could very well change your life.




Where are all the heroes today?

Today the role models that once represented leadership for our youth are either absent or distant. Many young men today lack guidance to prepare them for manhood and positive role models that represent the fundamental qualities of manhood such as honesty, integrity, compassion, a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to purpose.

Now more than ever, our young people are yearning for a sense of belonging. Inner city youth turn to urban gangs for leadership. Young men from privileged backgrounds perceive acquisitions as the measure of manhood. Young men from all backgrounds are entering into a troubled world with little preparation, little leadership and little hope.

In the time of our ancestors, tribes would initiate young men into manhood through a rite of passage. A ceremony involving some kind of challenge would be facilitated by the elders of the tribe to ritualize the young man’s journey into maturity.

As the ones who created the world our youth will inherit, it is our job to prepare our young people for the journey ahead. Although we cannot provide them with their answers, we can provide them with tools for their process of discovery.

The Call To Adventure Retreat is a modern rites of passage for young men entering into manhood. It is an uncommon experience of a common brotherhood that unfolds through a four day adventure of self discovery, creative expression and leadership training. As young men discover on the Call To Adventure Retreat how to be leaders in their own lives, they begin the journey of becoming leaders in their community and in the world.

It is a rare opportunity for young men to become heroes in their own lives and leaders in their community.
Scholarships/Donations to help young men be a part of this amazing program can be given here:

What if:

you could retreat from the world in such a way that when you returned, you felt more alive, more inspired and more able to create effective results in your daily life?


you could take a vacation from your daily life and re-discover your authentic self, open up to new possibilities and experience real brotherhood?


4 days could offer you a valuable opportunity for introspection so that you can honestly review your life?

Would you do it?

  October 2013 - Looking West over the Pacific Ocean from atop the Gindling hilltop camp where the sacred path retreat is held twice a year.

October 2013 - Looking West over the Pacific Ocean from atop the Gindling hilltop camp where the sacred path retreat is held twice a year.